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Know the story--Be the people--Expand the Kingdom

If you would like to contribute or converse with the editor,
send an email to lkspringer AT gmail DOT com or to the leaders
at tfbsanctify AT gmail DOT com

Posted each Sunday (or Monday if the editor's Sunday is nutty.)


UPCOMING EVENTS--Next: EAT! May 20@noon
SUNDAY COLLEGIUM--Why start Sanctify??
2007 GLOBAL PROJECT--We're buying a farm for Christmas!


The Sanctify! Team:

Teacher, Tangentrider, and Web Editor--Laura: lkspringer AT gmail DOT com
Web Nerd--Jonathan
Leaders--Jeff, Jonathan, JJ, and Shaena: tfbsanctify AT gmail DOT com

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WORSHIP GATHERING @ 9:15 am--Main Worship Center
PATIO GATHERING @ 10:30ish--Patio
COLLEGIUM @ 11 am--Room 202

TUESDAY NIGHT BIBLE STUDY @ 7:45-9:00 pm--Room 202

UPCOMING EVENTS—Next: EAT! May 20@noon
  • EAT! May 20@noon
  • Summer Resurgence, $50, date TBA (maybe July??)
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Paragraph by paragraph bible study: homework, curiosity, and participation expected.

Current Study: The Prophecy of Amos

See the wiki for prep Homework

Laura's Amos Ponderings
Jeff's Amos Summaries
Prib's Amos Big Ideas

NOTE: You can get an mp3 of Amos for $3 here

Starting June 5: The Prophecy of Habakkuk (see the wiki for info)

Discussion of questions and issues brought by members of the Collegium. Open to all ages.

We are on a journey as fellow travelers.
Some of us have been journeying a long time and know more.
Others are new to the journey and have fresh eyes and fresh wonder.
Yet we are fellow travelers.
All have a voice.


Live intentionally.
Look for the fingerprints of God.
Ask questions.

Bring your gathered bits to the Sunday Collegium, 11 AM in Room 202.

April 22 to ??: John 13-17--Why start Sanctify?

Next topic (date TBA): Short Term Missions--Effective or not?

See the Participant Responsibilities.

2007 GLOBAL PROJECT: We're buying a farm for Christmas!

Goal: $2470
So far:

What do you get when you give two pigs, two alpacas, two sheep, two cows, and two goats? The satisfaction of providing new hope and lasting impact for up to 10 families in need around the world! These farm animals will bring smiles to the faces of moms and dads who will be able to feed their children and increase their family incomes, thanks to you. The next best thing to seeing a child milk, shear, or care for one of these animals is to share the joy of this gift with someone close to your heart.

Save your pocket change (even the paper kind!)
and bring it to Collegium or Tuesday Night Bible Study each week.

“Unless otherwise noted Scripture quotations are from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version, copyright © 2001 by Crossway Bibles, a division of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved.” http://www.esv.org/